General Rules


We suggest that you arrive at the drive-in one hour before the first show. Alternatively, if you are planning to see only the 2nd screening, you will want to arrive about thirty minutes prior to the 2nd show.  The audio for the movies is broadcast through an FM transmitter (radio), so make sure you have a good sound system in your vehicle or bring a portable radio.

We have a snack bar full of treats and goodies from popcorn, candy and nachos! We ask that you don’t bring food into the drive-in.  We survive off the concession sales!!

  • Any lane gets you into any screen.
  • Large SUVs should park in the back half of the theatre, so you do not block the view of other movie goers.
  • Hatchbacks that extend beyond the roof of the car must remain closed.
  • Stereos/boom boxes are allowed
  • Switching screens is NOT ALLOWED
  • We do offer advanced ticket online and gift cards
  • All major credit + debit cards accepted
  • No Refunds
  • Box Office opens approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour before the first showing
  • We are open rain or shine (unless extreme)
  • Speed limit 5 MPH
  • No alcohol, marijuana, or drugs are allowed
  • No firearms or weapons of any kind
  • Dogs are allowed, please keep on a leash!
  • Drivers concealing another person(s) in their vehicle will be turned away or expelled without a refund. All vehicles are subject to search.
  • This Theatre and Management Assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY of Injury, Situations Beyond Our Control or Property Damage.
  • Stay in or near your vehicle
  • Do not sit in the driveway, stay in parking area

*In cases of extreme rain or other circumstances beyond our control, we will be closed.

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