Yes. Sometimes the theaters can flood and in that case we won't show any movies.

Usually March through Halloween, but call or check times as we might be open!

Since our theatres are outdoors, all movie showtimes are at night when it is dark.

Not at this time

Yes, showtimes are earlier in the winter and later in the summer.

If you are concerned that your car battery will run down, please bring a battery powered, portable FM radio. All the movie sound is fed through an FM transmitter.

A small portable FM radio works best. We don't know of an Apple app, Android FM apps we are told work. We do not have wifi.

Yes, as long as you stay inside the vehicle and maintain social distancing. Keep in mind that larger trucks must park towards the back of the theatre, so you do not block other's view.

Yes, ticket purchase is per screen where you may watch both movies showing (except when single billed). If you don't want to stay for the second film, you may leave. Likewise, if you don't want to see the first film, you may arrive at the drive-in for the second film 15 to 30 minutes prior to showtime.

Sorry, no. It's against fire regulations.

Admission: $8 per person for ages 12 and up - $4 per person for children 3 through 11 - All major credit and debit cards accepted. Concerts and special events are subject to different pricing.

No, you may leave as you please.

No please do not. We survive off concession sales.

Yes, you can but please be careful when you come onto our grounds. The box office has a height restriction.

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