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  • What time do gates open?
    About an hour before the first posted showtime.
  • When do you open and close for the season?
    Usually, March through Halloween, but sometimes much later. Check the website or call our showline to find out if we are open!
  • Are you still open if it is going to rain?
    Yes, we will usually be open if it is forecasted to rain. There is a small possibility we decide to stay closed if there is inclement weather. Facebook and the website will be updated as soon as we know if we are closing or not.
  • Does the movie continue to play if it starts raining?
    Yes! The only reason a movie would stop playing during the rain is if we lose power or if something takes us out.
  • Do you have movies in Spanish?
    Not at this time.
  • How do we hear the movie?
    The movie audio is broadcasted through an FM radio station. A car radio is the most popular option, as well as a portable, battery powered FM radio.
  • Is there an app to hear the movie?
    There are no apps available that we know of. Most apps that claim FM radio are web based and do not operate off of the FM band. You will not be able to access the sound from a web based radio app.
  • Can we back in to a spot and watch the movie from the truck bed/back of car?
    Yes! This is a very popular way to watch a drive-in movie and you are encouraged to make yourself as comfortable as possible.
  • Do I have to pay for the second movie?
    No! Each side is a double feature and the second movie is included with the price of admission.

Admiral Twin General Info

  • $9 for ages 12 and up

  • $5 for kids aged 3-11

  • Kids 2 and under are free admits.

  • Bring an FM radio, whether it be your car radio or a portable one!

  • Any lane at the box office can go to any movie. Lines can get long close to showtime and we are just trying to move traffic into any available line. 

  • The exits are towards the street. Please do not try to exit through the box office as that is a one way entrance. 

House Rules

  • No switching sides

  • No open fires/grills

  • Pets must be on a leash

  • No outside food or drinks

  • No fireworks

  • Have fun

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